About Us

The Pretty Eclectic aims to encapsulate the elusive beauty of nature and the magic in everything around us.

Heavily inspired by symbolism and the universe, we are driven to create products that bring out the depth and personality of a woman, and imbues positivity and adventure into her life.

This ethos transcends beauty, where every stone has a meaning and every piece has a story. Jewelry should be fun and a celebration of your divine and fearless femininity, an evocation of the free-spirited dreamer within every woman.

We believe in making not only classic pieces that can be layered to create your own signature look, but also playful, eye-catching, one-of-a-kind accessories to showcase the goddess that you are.

In addition to using ethically sourced materials, eco-friendly packaging and recycled parts from old jewelry and supplies, we continually seek ways to be more sustainable and reduce our environmental footprint.

Founded by Raquel Kalina, each piece is handcrafted in California.

After graduating from FIDM in Los Angeles, she worked in fashion PR, styling, and visual merchandising; as well as a set dresser and buyer for film and television. She has always had a passion for design and eventually launched her own collection. She is driven by an eclectic mix of styles and techniques-- incorporating everything from crystals, feathers, wood, seashells, acrylic, and more.

Her goal is to create quality, unique, and thoughtful pieces that elevate your soul with love and light.