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All crowns are 5 mm. and fits most adults and children.  



A clear protective coating is layered over each jewelry piece for additional shine and protection. With proper care, it should not tarnish.

To maintain the beauty and quality of your Gold Filled or Sterling Silver jewelry, regularly clean and polish pieces with an untreated cloth or mild soapy water to keep it shiny and new. 

Avoid wearing your jewelry when:

• Bathing
• Exercising
• Swimming
• Playing sports
• Using hair products
• Applying makeup or lotion
• Using heavy detergents or cleaning agents

Do not expose your jewelry to excessive heat or cold, and always place it in a safe place to prevent damage.

While our crowns are made to be durable, shells and crystals are delicate and need to be handled with care. When not in use, we recommend storing it in the eco-friendly kraft gift box included with your purchase.